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Published: 24th May 2010
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Development and technology in the world has bloomed so fast that we are physically surrounded by inventions that do wonders with just a simple push of a button. But with the convenience it provides comes with a price and Mother Nature is forced to pay for it.

But not all great inventions contribute to pollution and deplete our resources. The environment is actually taken into consideration in the following inventions. This shows that saving the world does not only require awareness and action but great minds as well.

Green Cement - Apparently, even the production of cement makes pollution worse because of the carbon emissions it produces. Scientist Nikolaos Vlasopoulos however discovered a way to mix cement that makes it absorb carbon dioxide. In a feature posted in, this eco-friendly invention is assured to lessen the negative effects on our ozone layer and could compete directly with the conventional cements on the market.

Reusable Snack Bag - One of the sources of the millions of plastic bags thrown in our landfills is your children's school snacks. But in a report from, former schoolteacher Kristin Webster came up ReSnackIt, a reusable pouch that can replace your usual disposable sandwich bags. ReSnackIt can carry almost any snack food from sandwiches to carrot sticks. It is washable and also comes it different designs.

Eco-friendly Heat Sensors - In the University of Nairobi in Kenya, 24-year-old Pascal Katana's new heat sensor helps the environment in two ways. First, it can detect forest fires. Second, it uses the renewable solar power for energy. According to a report from Reuters' this new heat sensor is designed to send to detect temperatures that shoot up to more than 45 degrees Celsius. Forest fires are known to frequently harm the ecosystems in Kenya.

The coolest Portable Charger - This charger enables you to charge up literally anywhere. The YoGen charger requires no electrical outlet. Just pull the string and it produces watts of power, which you can use to power up your gadgets. According to, the YoGen charger was one of the Top 9 Eco Friendly Products of 2010 at the Computer Electronics Show.

Great minds do come in handy in saving the environment but it also needs the support of investors who can turn eco-friendly businesses into a reality. IRTH Communications is a company that specializes in providing Investor Relations, Financial & Marketing Communications and Strategic Consulting services to investors who wish to earn while saving the environment.

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