The Real Alpha Male

Published: 01st March 2010
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In a nutshell, the alpha male is the most dominant man in a group. You often see them as the tallest, the most ridiculously handsome and the most popular guy surrounded by his lackeys. The respect he receives from his group seems so natural that women easily find him attractive.

Women love the domineering presence of the alpha male because they want someone who is commanding. While most females would want to feel strong in a relationship, they also secretly desire to be controlled by a male presence. The reason? They sure don't want to end up with a guy weaker than them.

Now don't sulk if you're not the recognized alpha male in your group. Read on to discover what makes an alpha male and how to incorporate it in you to attract the ladies.

It's in the presence

First off, when you think of an alpha male, you probably remember the jocks who bullied you back in high school or college. They say height is might but you don't have to be as tall as the average football player to be an alpha male. According to the article Why Women Love the Alpha Male by Daniella Nicole, natural strengths make up the personality of the alpha male. Believe it or not, but your aura alone is capable of unleashing a dominating personality.

Be confident

The most important thing your aura needs is confidence. And when we say confidence, you don't have to brag or talk loudly to express it. Just maintain a straight posture and speak with confidence that you make everyone feel that no one can question your authority. The real alpha male can easily show confidence without even trying (More tips on how to build up your confidence around women by signing up for free videos at

Approach women

With your confidence, you need to combine it with more action. A great way to express confidence is to approach the ladies, especially if you're with a bunch of guys who are more afraid than you are. It means you're willing to take the lead and you're setting an example. So be sure you're equipped with those pick up lines and skills to properly converse with women to yield good results.

Hang out with the Alpha squad

When you go to clubs or parties, you'll certainly find guys who live and breathe their status as alpha males. Being friends with them is a great way to enhance your alpha male qualities. To befriend them, say how impressed you are with the way they pick up the girls and ask them how they do it. These guys will most likely be willing to share their secrets with you. Hangout with them and they'll invite you to parties and events where the beautiful chicks are. It's a good way to build up your status as well.

Being the alpha male is just one of the surefire ways that can make the girls chasing after you. You can find other ways how to get women, and to make yourself always detectable in the female radar by visiting for free videos on how to attract women easily.

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