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Published: 19th February 2010
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You'll never know when you'll bump into a really gorgeous lady who would find you charming enough to deserve some small talk with her while downing a drink or two. But then again, that testosterone-powered brain of yours tells yourself that your casual conversation must end with a bang (pun intended, of course).

To do that, you must keep her interested in the things you talk about. But the question is, what do women find interesting anyway? Experts say that nobody knows for sure since women have various interests and tastes. But you can try the following topics below for you to keep that conversation with her going, unless you have the whole Wikipedia in your head.

Herself - There's one topic that she can perfectly relate to. Most women love to talk about themselves, like their favorite movie, music, food or anything. However, be ready to ask some less clichéd questions about her like the past dates she's had, the worst pick up lines she's heard, the most outrageous thing she did as a child and so on. The more your question sounds original, the more she'll be engaged in your talk.

Current events - It's good to talk to a woman about the current buzz with celebrities and entertainment. Be sure you don't do it the usual way though. Look around and compare that drunken person on the other table to the recently hammered teen actress and an endless exchange of celebrity gossips could begin there.

Her advice - Women appreciate it if they feel that you value their opinions. So after you've shared something about yourself, ask for her advice regarding your work, for example. Most women find pleasure in sharing their thoughts and opinions. Of course, make sure that you listen because she'll easily notice when you're not.

Listening is also vital if you want the conversation to go on and on. Don't forget a woman could have various things in her mind that she'd be willing to talk about and you can discover these by listening as you narrow down the topics you discuss with her. More tips on how to get women can be found in Sign up now for FREE tutorial videos which you can access in an instant.

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